Our language camp is set in scenic Spring Grove, the first Norwegian Settlement in Minnesota. Students learn basic Norwegian language skills and discover Norway through geography, history and experiences.
Some activities takes us on a tour in the immediate areas in and around our beautiful town. Students experience hot homemade traditional Norwegian meals and make new friends in a nurturing and supportive setting.






Student Housing

Families from the community will be hosting students who
need housing. Suggested donation for host family for a week is $50.




Hands-on Activities

Your child will develop Norwegian language skills and cultural knowledge via everyday activities throughout the week! We vary activities from year to year, and focus this year on all things Viking!

Your child can expect to learn through:

Norse Mythology comic drawing,

Smart Viking daily group challenges,

Sport Viking Hunting/Foraging

experience, Viking Pizza Chef contest,

Orienteering, Scandinavian Ribbon

Weaving, Finger Knitting, Knot work

Coasters, Fattigman and Rosette

Frying, song and dance!


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