Norwegian Ridge Language and Culture Camp

June 14-18, 2021


Summer Camp Norwegian-Style goes to ZOOM 2021

- EveryTHING Viking Iron Age


It’s spring (vårtid) alright,
but Giants of the Earth Heritage Center
is not ready for spring cleaning yet.


While we hoped to host our famous
Norwegian Ridge Language and Culture Camp
live this year at our building, adaptation and reincarnation

continue in the effort to make the building ADA compliant.


This summer’s “Sommerleir Hjemmefra”
(Camp from Home) is a fascinating and fun
online experience for kids and the entire immediate family.


For only $55, you and your family can engage with a number of vivacious instructors:


Join our guest Kari Tauring, a renowned Nordic roots educator, author, and performer
for an engaging series of daily zoom classes,


Check in with Stine Myrah from Duluth, MN, and practice your Norsk language

skills with guest youth and adult instructors from Norway as well as our own

Jill and Rachel Storlie!


This ZOOM CAMP immerses you in  “EveryTHING Viking,” the real Nordic Iron Age,

not pop culture.


Camp Supplies come in a boxed kit including:

Materials for a DIY Iron Age Viking costume - Linen fabric pieces, needles, thread, weighted spools and yarn for spinning and braiding, language handouts and  laminated Rune poster/placemats, a map, of Norway plus links to curriculum materials, vocabulary lists, and instructions for daily friluftsliv (free air life) practices, and customizable scavenger hunts!


The boxed kit will be available for pick up at Giants (163 West Main Street in Spring Grove) or via USPS. Imagine registering your cousins in Illinois or your grandparents in Wisconsin or brother in Washington to join you for this fun, immersive, at-home/outdoors experience! Each day’s video will be available for review that evening if you cannot attend the live session.  That is similar to our Julekalender (December online programming.)


We invite your family to register for “Sommerleir Hjemmefra” now to get the kit and access to daily programs.


Child Care Facilities: If you wish to participate, contact Jill (507.500.1126) or Rachel Storlie (507.458.1255) directly to get access
at your facility at a group rate.


Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, Inc. is a non-profit educational institution
with a 501(c)3 designation from the IRS.  All gifts are tax-deductible.

With support from the Sons of Norway Foundation

Kari Tauring

Rachel Storlie

Stine Myrah

Jill Storlie

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